Session 5

Tuesday 08 February, 14:45 PM

Fossil Fuels to Renewables: Wider Renewable Sources

Within the next 13-years, by law we must have reduced our CO2 emissions by 78% from the level of the 1990’s.

While the current mix of nuclear, offshore, inshore wind and solar are well known and being and accounted for in the governments targets this session will explore new sources of renewable power that whilst less mature could yet play a key role in the race to a net-zero future.

Our expert panel are well placed to showcase examples of these new wider renewables that could yet play a big role in our renewable energy mix with questions to include;
• What role will hydrogen play in our fight to reduce emissions?
• Can we generate power from our own waste?
• Can we create affordable heat-pumps that can be retro-fitted into existing homes as well as new builds?
• What more can we do at source to reduce the carbon associated with transporting our power?