Join manufacturers, technologists and senior leaders

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Industrial-led sessions with keynote speakers
Networking with likeminded individuals from advanced manufacturing
Live demonstrators and tours of the MTC facility
Speak directly with event sponsors and browse exhibitions
Audience led Q&A panels
Technical discussions on cutting-edge research and innovations

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Lloyds Bank provides comprehensive financial services for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups, SMEs, and mid-sized corporates all the way to large multinational corporations and financial institutions. It has over one million UK business customers.

With a network of relationship teams across the UK, Lloyds Bank delivers the mix of local and sector understanding necessary to provide long-term support to its clients. It offers a broad range of financial support beyond term lending.

This spans working capital and cash management services and solutions, international treasury and risk management services, trade import and export trade finance, structured and asset finance, securitisation facilities and capital market funding.

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