David Rawlins

Chief Technology Officer, Warwickshire Manufacturing Group

Dave is CTO for the HVMC centre based at WMG.  Dave forms a core part of the CTO structure within the HVMC, providing CTO lead of electrification, connected and automated mobility, and for aerospace electrification across the HVMC strategy teams.

Prior to joining WMG, Dave has spent most of his professional career at Ricardo, most recently leading the growth and diversification of Ricardo Software digitalisation solutions across alternative propulsion technology, connected and automated mobility and alternative business sectors including energy, water, rail and marine sectors, supporting c. 30% p.a. growth. 

Dave also held a number of other senior technical leadership roles in Ricardo including Project Director for Large Engines and Power Generation.  As part of this role, Dave provided the technology lead for a global FTSE 250 business, delivering the technical development strategy leadership across the future product portfolio leading to >£1bn asset investment over a 5 year period.

Dave is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He gained a MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College.