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The 2022 National Manufacturing Summit focused on three core themes providing a clear focus on the UK's charge to net-zero - Fossil Fuels to Renewables, Factory to Door and Field to Fork.

These themes created a clear agenda for the Summit and our expert speakers as the two day event focused on the transformational potential and support required to create a more sustainable, greener future across a series of key industrial sectors. These included energy production, logistics and transportation, agriculture and food production alongside other topics that impact the thousands of UK based manufacturers that produce the consumables that fuel our economy.

All the sessions from the Summit are now available to watch, for free, on-demand. Just click on the sessions below.

Day 1 AM


Tuesday 08 February, 9:30 AM

Introduction and Welcome to Day 1 of NMS 2022

As COP26 brought into sharp focus the need to increase the pace of change in all aspects of society and industry, all eyes will be on our advanced engineering and manufacturing sectors to lead the UK’s charge to a net-zero future.

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Session 1

Tuesday 08 February, 9:45 AM

Articulating the Challenge

Following COP26 and with society more aware than ever of our individual and collective impact on the climate how do start to articulate the challenge that we will all face and have to overcome if we are to successfully achieve our longer-term climate change ambitions?

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Session 2

Tuesday 08 February, 11:00 AM

What Does it Mean for Us?

COP26 highlighted to us all just how serious the need to slow down climate change is, if the planet is to continue to sustain itself, life and its economic output as we know it today.

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Day 1 PM

Session 4

Tuesday 08 February, 13:45 PM

Fossil Fuels to Renewables: Making the Transition

The panel discussion will follow the presentations as the panel and audience are able to discuss, debate and share their views on how the UK can transition fully to renewable fuels as it works to its 2035 and 2050 targets of net-zero emissions.

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Session 5

Tuesday 08 February, 14:45 PM

Fossil Fuels to Renewables: Wider Renewable Sources

Within the next 13-years, by law we must have reduced our CO2 emissions by 78% from the level of the 1990’s.

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Day 2 AM

Session 6

Wednesday 09 February, 10:15 AM

Fossil Fuels to Renewables: Alternate Green Fuels and Technologies

As we head into 2022 our mix of renewable fuel sources is well known (win, solar and nuclear) and focused on increasing the efficiency and productivity of these as we look to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

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Session 7

Wednesday 09 February, 11:15 AM

Fossil Fuels to Renewables: Technologies & Applications

What powers future fleets of vehicles will have a major impact on the infrastructure required to ensure business, industry, commerce and consumers continue to move and ’drive’ the economy forwards whilst still reducing our emissions from travel.

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Day 2 PM

Session 8

Wednesday 09 February, 13:30 PM

Field to Fork: Vertical Farming and Food Production

The challenges for our food producers are well known but complex.

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Session 9

Wednesday 09 February, 14:30 PM

Factory to Door: The Journey to Net Zero

Driven by both legal and societal demands to reduce our future emissions, how our products and services are produced, packaged and transported will have to undergo an accelerated and transformative journey to support our overall net-zero goals.

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