Kostas Soumilas

Senior Vice President Engineering and Technology - Civil Airframe, GKN Aerospace

Kostas is currently SVP Engineering and Technology for the GKN Aerospace Civil Airframe Business. An Aeronautical Engineer with almost 30 years' experience in the aerospace industry.

Kostas has led multiple airframe design applications on airframe platforms and has held direct responsibility {Chief Engineer) of major GKN Design and Build Programmes.

He has held executive positions in GKN Aerospace since 2013 being responsible for a multitude of aircraft designs undertaken by GKN for most OEM's.

Kostas has vast experience in the whole aircraft development lifecycle from concept, design, introduction into manufacture, certification, operational delivery and customer support.

Responsible for development of new technology and how it can be used to improve sustainability and performance of future aircraft platforms and drive efficiency in aircraft manufacture. In this role, Kostas is helping shape future air travel and aircraft through innovation and technology.