Session 2

Tuesday 08 February, 11:00 AM

What Does it Mean for Us?

COP26 highlighted to us all just how serious the need to slow down climate change is, if the planet is to continue to sustain itself, life and its economic output as we know it today. 

Whilst the UK leads the world’s develop nations for CO2 reductions (-40%) since 1990, to achieve our net-zero target by 2050 requires an acceleration in action from all parts of society as well as policies and plans from our political leaders from across the UK.   

With big changes required, exactly when does an evolution in habits and policies become a revolution in how we begin to create the power to fuel our homes and businesses, as well as changing how we design, manufacture, produce and transport all we consume? 

If the shift in the focus of government policy towards regulation, investment and incentives to reduce emissions suggest that time is now, the key question is what happens next? What will be the priorities that create the biggest wins that put us on the path to net-zero? And how do these priorities and plans differ across the UK’s devolved governments and combined authorities?

With presentations from a number of political and business leaders throughout the morning of the Summit, our aim is for our attendees to better understand the UK’s collective priorities and begin to determine how these changes will start to impact every aspect of industry, business and all our daily lives.