Session 1

Tuesday 08 February, 9:45 AM

Articulating the Challenge

Following COP26 and with society more aware than ever of our individual and collective impact on the climate how do start to articulate the challenge that we will all face and have to overcome if we are to successfully achieve our longer-term climate change ambitions?

How do the leaders in our society and those in power communicate galvanise our nation into positive action and confidently showcase the potential for the UK to take the global lead in the fight to reduce our emissions?

Business and our manufacturers will play a central role in driving the innovations required to help facilitate the necessary changes.

But do we have the right infrastructure, investment strategies, people skills and the longer-term vision to support our leaders in business, technology, politics, the media and communities across the country to get others to buy into this vision of positive change.

So how do we articulate the challenge of climate change? How do we share a vision of change that motivates and empowers everyone from government, to business leaders, to everyday consumers to seize the opportunities a new climate conscious world?

And how do clearly articulate the challenge whilst bravely making the case of the potential opportunities this could create for us all?