Session 8

Wednesday 09 February, 13:30 PM

Field to Fork: Vertical Farming and Food Production

The challenges for our food producers are well known but complex.

How do you help feed an ever-growing population, allowing for fast changing consumer habits with margins traditionally very low whilst under increasing pressure from government and consumers alike to limit the environmental impact of your essential work?

New methods of growing food that use new technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics and enable food producers to work with technology to maximise production will shape the future of food production both in the UK and globally.

Vertical farming is one of the new ways that food producers can use new technologies to increase production whilst also minimising their impact on the environment.

Vertical farming has many environmental benefits vs. more traditional farming methods.

This session will explore this and other innovations being utilised by agricultural sector to show how innovation is driving changes in how our nations’ food is produced and how these changes will begin to re-shape how we grow and produce what we consume.